Xiaomi Mi6 with Android 8 and TWRP problems

By Alexander|January 22, 2018|0 comments

Since 11.01.2018 Android 8 (aka Oreo) is available for the Xiaomi Mi6. Currently, this version can only be found in the China Dev and the Global Dev version. Unfortunately, after this update, TWRP can no longer access the encrypted partition and thus no backups can be created or restored. Also flashing of Magisk or other modifications are no longer possible. Currently there is no officially updated TWRP version for the

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OS Deployment over PXE with SERVA

By Alexander|January 14, 2018|0 comments

Today I want to introduce a program with you which is able to install Windows, Linux over network. The Software is called SERVA and uses 3 MB of disk space. This small tool offers everything you need to Deploy over PXE and costs in the Pro version (which I highly recommend because the exciting features are enabled) just $44.99 (64bit version). The program does not have to be installed. You

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review Xiaomi Air 12.5 Kaby-Lake

By Alexander|January 7, 2018|0 comments

Since I’ve been looking for a cost-effective laptop, which has good battery life and adequate performance, I have become aware of the Xiaomi Air 12.5 Kaby Lake. The device was just for 395 € on offer, so I bought the device. I have to say I have not regretted this but more on that later. Here is a short review of the Xiaomi Air 12.5 Kaby-Lake version after my one

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QoS with Sophos UTM

By Alexander|December 30, 2017|

Today i explain how to configure correctly QoS with Sophos UTM. For those of you who do not care about QoS: QoS is used to prioritize or limit certain data. Based on my example, I’ll show you how to throttle the download speed in the guest Wlan so you have enough bandwidth for other users. Configuration QoS First, QoS must be enabled for the desired interface. To do this, switch

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How to Root Xiaomi Mi 6

By Alexander|December 13, 2017|0 comments

Today I want to show you how to root the Xiaomi Mi6. Whether someone wants to root his device or not is up to everyone. I just start with the how-to. What you need? So that we can start to root the device we have to make some preparations in advance. One of the most time-consuming preparations is unlocking the bootloader. For this we have to wait 72 hours until

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Zotac ZBox CI327

By Alexander|August 12, 2017|0 comments

The Zotac ZBox CI327 is a Barbone System with a dimension of 128x57x127 mm. Inside works a Intel Celeron N3450 which belongs to the Apollo-Lake family and has 4 cores. Each core comes with 1.10 GHz. By boost clock the speed increases up to 2.20 GHz. Since the device is passively cooled it works completely silent. Onboard is an Intel HD Graphics 500 which supports DirectX 12 and is more

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Relaunch ra-networks.at

By Alexander|July 7, 2017|0 comments

On our own behalf 😉 RA-Networks.at has been released in a new layout since today’s Friday, 07.07.2017. The old design was simply no longer modern and was modernized and equipped with various new functions. From today there is also an English version of the page. Some articles I have already translated. In addition, RA-Networks.at is now also on Twitter and Google+.

Automatic certificate renew with Sophos UTM and Lets Encrypt

By Alexander|June 25, 2017|0 comments

General it was not so easy to use Let’s Encrypt certificates within Sophos UTM. The problem was not to generate one because you can use some tools like Certbot to do this for you. The problem is that you cannot automatically replace the old certificates with new ones. Nevertheless, I want to share you a possibility how to change it automatically. The certificates can be used for the Webadmin or

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UTM 9.5 WLE200NX no function

By Alexander|May 25, 2017|0 comments

After updating my UTM 9.4 Home to 9.5, the WLE200NX Wlan module was no longer working. It is displayed under access points but can no longer emit SSID. The following error message is found in the log file: 2017:05:24-20:24:20 utm hostapd: Failed to initialize driver ‘nl80211’ 2017:05:24-20:24:20 utm hostapd: hostapd_free_hapd_data: Interface wifi0 wasn’t started 2017:05:24-20:24:50 utm hostapd: Configuration file: /var/run/hostapd-phy0.conf 2017:05:24-20:24:50 utm hostapd: nl80211: ‘nl80211’ generic netlink not found 2017:05:24-20:24:50

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Use Huawei E3372s LTE with Sophos UTM

By Alexander|March 5, 2017|0 comments

If you want to connect your Sophos UTM to the Internet via LTE Stick, this can be realized with a Huawei E3372s LTE Stick. The stick which I bought through Amazon has the non-Hi Link Mode (explanation: to the connection production requires a dial-up software). To put the stick into operation, this is connected to a free USB port of the UTM. The firewall must then be restarted to recognize

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